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Walk to the edge in 2017 – www.worklifeenergy.com

I’m not a fan of resolutions, but I do believe in living with intention… and that’s hard to do if we’re not in tune with what is important to us, or we’re not clear about what we truly want out of work and life. What do you truly want out of your work and life?…

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How do you choose to navigate challenges ? – www.worklifeenergy.com

It’s easy to have gratitude and a positive attitude when everything is going great, but what about on the tough days? That’s when it’s most needed, and hardest to embrace…

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Want something different turn toward it! – www.worklifeenergy.com

Want something different?

The first step to getting it is to turn toward it and decide that you’re going after it. Nothing changes until you do. So, what do you want? Think big…

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It’s not about ‘GO BIG’ it’s about GO! – www.worklifeenergy.com

It’s about continuous effort, even if the steps are small. If you’ve got a big goal you want to tackle, don’t overthink it. Just start. Don’t pressure yourself to make great big leaps every day, simply get to it with whatever energy you have in the moment…

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Self-doubt is a success sucker let it go! – www.worklifeenergy.com

Come to growth through your strengths. If you’re good at something, own it, do it with pride and let your self-confidence guide your daily actions. That competence and confidence will serve you…

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If it’s not about hard work what’s it about? – www.worklifeenergy.com

It’s only a path to success if you’re on the right path. Are you clear about your personal and professional goals? If you’re not, you may end up on the wrong path, working hard toward the wrong outcomes….

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Are you clear about what you want ? – www.worklifeenergy.com

So what do you want? Goal clarity – in work and in life – is vital for higher levels of success. When you’re clear about what you want, you can be disciplined about what you say yes to, and what you say no to in order to get there…

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Look fear in the face – www.worklifeenergy.com

What goals have you set aside because you’ve told yourself it’s not possible? Or because you’re afraid things won’t turn out the way you want them to? But what if they do?
So step into the fear and make things happen! …

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What’s your why ? – www.worklifeenergy.com

There’s nothing more powerful than having a clear purpose attached to anything you find valuable enough to spend time on. What’s your why? And I believe you can have more than one, so don’t limit your greatness…

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Pump up your progress – www.worklifeenergy.com

In the fitness realm, the concept of overload means pushing your body beyond its capabilities so it gets challenged. The body adapts to the new level and get stronger. The same holds true for everything we do in work and life….

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