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Write down your goals (this guide will help)!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine de Saint Exupery

June is upon us and I’ve thrown out a challenge  to pick a goal you’d like to crush – personal or professional – that you’ll commit to for the month of June.

Whether  it’s a big goal or a small one, whether you complete it in one month, or simply use June to build momentum that will carry you into July and beyond, pick a goal and join me.

To improve chances of success, it’s vital that you write your goal down and get clear about the specifics of when, where, how  long and how often you’ll do the work. To ease that process for you, I’ve created a simple goal sheet for you to download, print off, and complete: June Goal-Crusher goal sheet 

Don’t  overthink, just commit and take the first step with me beginning Friday June 1st.

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Let’s do this!

Michelle Cederberg, MKin, BA Psyc

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
ORSC Trained Team Coach

Live Energetically ~ Do Work You Love ~ Get the Most Out of Life

Twitter: @4worklifeenergy


  • Spend time to organize my emails and customer files so that I can approach my day with a clear sense of what needs to be done with out the clutter of the day before.
    To spend 1/2 hr in the first part of the day filing or deleting old emails.

    this goal is important to me as I feel that I am always behind and disorganized with what is expected of me by myself, my family, my colleagues and customers.

    • I love the thought you put into this Jo-Anna. I hope your first week of doing this has been successful! Thanks for sharing.

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