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Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life

Achieve better health, greater happiness, and yes more energy – mind, body and spirit – through a small steps approach that will leaving you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner! This book provides all the how-to tools for success once-and-for-all. 238 pages.

Michelle will send you a signed copy. Email Michelle for discounts on bulk orders!

Learn practical small-steps strategies for gaining more energy MIND, BODY and SPIRIT in an interesting and easy to read format. Price includes shipping.


If Your Life Sucks It’s Your Fault * mini-book

If Your Life Sucks It’s Your Fault * is a fun and provocative poke at personal responsibility. Yes, tough stuff happens but our lives don’t have to suck because of it. The book shares stories and reminders to help you live a life that rocks.  Click here to purchase as a KINDLE. Click here for KOBO. Click here for SONY versions.

Only 3.5" x 5" its small size means you can take it anywhere or easily send it to anyone who needs a kind and caring kick in the butt. Price includes shipping.


GOT TO IT! 365 day journal for getting to the good things

Every day accountability to help you switch ‘I’ll get to it’ to GOT TO IT! Have better work-life balance, finally fit in fitness, increase your energy, and love your life – one day at a time.

This innovative resource keeps you on track like no average blank-page journal can. View sample pages here

*shipping on this 400+ page product is $10 to most North American destinations.


GOT TO IT! *pdf version

Yes, it’s 451 pages but the information is valuable whether you’re reading it off your screen or writing in an actual journal. Order and we’ll email you your pdf journal right away.

This product will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.


M.E.S.H. for Health mini-book 10 PACK

M.E.S.H. for Health is a 3.5×5″ mini-book jam-packed with tips to help you Move more, Eat healthier, Sleep better and Hydrate well through small-steps ideas that really work.

It’s a great employee health guide, perfect as a resource for Health and Safety meetings or Employee Health fairs.

Sold in packs of 10, you can bulk-order custom books on orders over 50, and we’ll add your company logo and personalized message to page 4 before printing. Email us for more information.


‘Fit by Bit’ Exercise Guide *pdf version

This 40 page booklet includes articles, questionnaires, a pedometer challenge form, sample workouts, and over 25 exercises (with pictures) to challenge your entire body.


Desk Trainer Stretch & Strength Series – 3 pdfs

Upper and lower body strength exercises, plus stretches you can do right at home or your desk with NO equipment.

3 Pdfs will be e-mailed to you on receipt of payment.



Shipping and handling fees is included in product prices. Tax is added upon check-out. Allow 2-4 weeks delivery.
Additional fees may be necessary for shipments outside of Canada.