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For the past 10 years, Certified Speaking Professional, Michelle Cederberg has been coaching emerging and established speakers to help them improve their platform skills, marketing materials, and sales process. Whether you’re new to speaking, looking to grow your current business, or simply want to gain more confidence in front of audiences, Michelle will provide experience, insights, and a compassionate kick in the rear to help get you there.

  • Michelle will assess your current presentations and marketing material, and provide feedback and coaching.
  • She can help you build a new presentation from scratch, and work with you to develop structure, stories and delivery.
  • She can help you gain confidence and skill in front of audiences.
  • She can help you strengthen your business plan, sales procedures, and sales scripts.
  • She will help you get past pricing barriers to position yourself as a credible and capable speaker.

She’s a supportive coach who will hold you accountable, but she doesn’t sugar-coat. She’s direct and honest, with the goal to bring out your best.

Interested in upping your speaking game?

First step is to book a 15-minute discovery call. After that, you invest $675.00 per two-hour session, committing to a minimum of 3 sessions. Time with Michelle will improve your confidence and capability on the platform, strengthen your business behind the scenes, and help you feel good about increasing your fee.