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Sometimes Awareness is the First Step toward Change.

If you knew better would you do better? Questionnaires and exercises can seem daunting at the best of times, but the process of writing and recollecting can help move you toward new insights and greater progress.

Below are a number of helpful questionnaires and evaluation tools that will give you insight into your energy drains, stressors, exercise barriers and so much more!

Simple Work-Life Rethink **new

Assess your Energy

Quick Stress Test

The Daily Stress Index

Recent Life Changes Questionnaire

Barriers to Physical Activity Q If you’re not as physically active as you’d like to be, gain ‘barrier awareness’ by utilizing this resource.It’s adapted from a questionnaire first created by Dr. Sandra O’Brien Cousins at University of Alberta.

I use these two with my coaching clients to increase awareness around life areas that need a little attention:

Wheel of Life Exercise

Life Balance Profile