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An investment in coaching allows you to take full responsibility for your life, to open up to new possibilities and create a career and  life you truly love. And it’s often not about fixing what’s broken. It’s about building from the foundation of success you’ve already created and really making an impact.

Where in your life would you benefit from that kind of guidance? 

Whether it’s one-on-one, with members of your team, or as part of growing your speaking business, Michelle will help you gain clarity, reignite your drive and then hold you accountable to do the freakin’ work (#DTFW) necessary to transform how you work and live.

One-on-one Coaching

By phone, in person, or by Skype

My job as Coach is to help you create a vision for the future and map out a realistic action plan to get you there. I ask you powerful questions, listen and empower you to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess. When in your week do you get that kind of focused attention?

I also hold you accountable and support you through the process of change. Your time with me each session is your chance to dig deep into what really matters to you and actually take steps to get it. read more

Team Coaching

Positive and Productive Teams

Get the most out of your team. Whether you’re a small business owner, team leader or executive, team coaching can help boost business productivity, improve positivity and teamwork among employees, build better relationships, and contribute to a more communicative, collaborative work environment.

As an Organization and Relationship System Coach, I believe that:

  • Curiosity builds bridges.
  • Conflict is a sign that something new is trying to happen.
  • A resilient team is a productive team.
  • Change is inevitable, so lead the charge.
  • “Leadership” is a role that is shared in the system.  read more
Speaker Coaching

Strengthen Your Speech and Your Business

For the past 10 years, Michelle has been coaching emerging and established speakers to help them improve their platform skills, marketing materials, and sales process. Whether you’re new to speaking, looking to grow your current business, or simply want to gain more confidence in front of audiences, Michelle will provide experience, insights, and a compassionate kick in the rear to help get you there.  read more

Wondering if coaching is for you? Email me to set up a consult and I’ll send you some questions to start the process. Carpe Freakin’ Diem!