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We want it all, and we want it to come easy – a successful career, a happy relationship and family life, great health, life balance – but it’s never that simple, is it? Despite hard work it can often feel like there’s just never enough; never enough time, never enough energy, never enough opportunities, never enough money. So, we tell ourselves it’s not possible and push back against the idea that we can have it all. Time for a recharge!

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who believes you can have all you want in your work and life, with precise clarity about what’s important to you, a bit of honesty around what’s holding you back from getting it, and a willingness to act beyond your comfort zone.

In this boundary pushing keynote, you will:

  • Learn Michelle’s 5 P’s of Work-Life Transformation and why each is important in your quest for ‘big picture’ success.
  • Assess where you are with the 5 P’s, and clarify what work-life success can look like for you.
  • Learn how to disconnect from ‘busy,’ and learn why your comfort zone may be holding you back.
  • Find out about Michelle’s DTFW mindset and why it’s a game-changer.
  • Discover how to take meaningful action to plug in to a life that you love.

Ideas and laughs converge in this high-energy keynote, and attendees leave with a renewed sense that it’s possible to recharge work and life, and win big in both. This is the ideal session to launch your event!