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RECHARGE! Writing Project – Preface

In my November 8th Work-Life Recharge video I asked you how you’re going use up the last 7 weeks of 2017, and challenged you to set a goal and kick it in to gear so you can finish the year...

Work-Life Recharge 46 – A STRONG FINISH TO 2017!

It’s November, I've completed video and blog #46 of 53 in my Work-Life Recharge project, and I’d love to hear all the ways you’ve recharged your work and life over the past months – big, small and everything in between....

Work-Life Recharge 44 – Defining Work-Life Balance

Without a clear definition of what is important in your life and how you want to allocate your time toward those things, it's very likely that some of them will slip through the cracks. Enter 'off balance'. This week's Work-Life Recharge...

Work-Life Recharge 40 – Eat Healthfully & Soulfully

In this post I share a conversation I had with my good friend Andrea Holwegner about your 'food personality', taking the 'die' out of diet, and how to wrap healthy eating around those can't-live-without favourites. YUM!