About Michelle

Michelle Cederberg, MKin, BA Psyc
Certified Speaking Professional
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

With over 17 years experience as a professional speaker and high-performance coach Michelle Cederberg faces every audience with the mission to engage, entertain and enlighten. In her lively sessions she shares ideas and insights that will boost your health and happiness, make you competitive at work and fulfilled in the rest of your life. And you’ll laugh as you learn.

Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg galvanizes
people to blaze their own path and live a bigger life. An in-demand
speaker, author, health expert and life coach, she empowers clients
to break down the physical and emotional barriers that get in the
way of growth—in business and in life.
She holds a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, a
specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, is a Certified
Exercise Physiologist (CEP), a Certified Professional Co-Active Life
Coach (CPCC) and an ORSC Trained Team Coach.

She combines mind, body, and practicality to inspire change! A natural storyteller, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Michelle transports delighted audiences on a journey of truth and laughter that will empower them to optimize health and energy habits, find better work-life balance and gain momentum toward the personal legacy they long to create. Michelle is the author of three books. Her latest literary spark plug, Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic
Life shares her philosophy in an eye-opening and practical way, with methods that make a difference.

Michelle’s small-steps methods and shoot-from-the-hip style makes change not only possible, but enjoyable too. She backs her education and expertise with humour and energy that leaves audiences laughing out loud and believing they can.

Rave Reviews…

Michelle Cederberg joined our 2016 Shell Retail Business Plan Cascade as a guest speaker. She was wonderful to work with and really took the time to collaborate with us in order to learn our culture and priorities and to customize her message to focus on topics that were relevant to our group. She offered great insights to the team
on how to energize to deliver more and on how mental and physical health are some key factors to succeed.

We conducted a survey after the event and the results showed that >90% of the team were very satisfied or satisfied by the presentation made by Michelle. It was very impressive and Michelle really exceeded all the previous guest speakers we used in the past. Everyone in the room left motivated and re-engaged. Shell Retail would highly endorse Michelle for any audience. She did a fantastic job at getting the attention of the group with her lively and energized presentation.

Michelle Watt & Anne-Sophie Branjon, Shell Retail Canada

Michelle got our conference off to a positive and focused start with her keynote speech about work/life balance. Within the first minute of her presentation she had our conference delegates laughing and fully engaged in her message. She was wonderful to work with and really took the time to understand her audience to make sure her message focused on topics that were relevant to our group. I have seen a lot of keynote speakers over the years and Michelle is absolutely one of the best.

Mike Rosson – Nova Scotia International Student Program
Assistant Executive Director

Michelle recently spoke at our conference on housing and homelessness. She came prepared to her keynote session to ensure she aligned her talk with the theme of the conference and the audience. Her insightful and high-energy talk on energizing for excellence inspired everyone with simple and practical ways to take
care of themselves. She offered helpful tips on feeding and tapping into our personal pool of internal energy so that we can direct our outward attention, in a healthy way, at the important work of ending homelessness. I highly recommend Michelle as a keynote speaker.

Louise Gallagher, Calgary Homeless Foundation
Director, Marketing and Communications

Michelle’s Most Popular Keynotes

Energized for Excellence
Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg has literally written the book on living an energetic and abundant life. Over the past 20 years she has built her career as a speaker, life coach and author educating others about
health, happiness, life balance and success. She believes that when you’re Energized for Excellence you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You feel
great about yourself and your capabilities. What’s possible from there? Highlighting information from her eye-opening book Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life this session provides hilarious stories, anecdotes and innovative strategies to inspire and get you energized for excellence.

The Energy Habits of High-Performing People
High-performers exist at every level of your organization. Are you doing enough to tap into your team and unleash that energy? It’s in the habits. Find out which high-performance health habit needs to be your top-priority (and why), identify which morning ritual will set you up for high-performance success like no other, find out what high-performers say is the ultimate key to time-management and focus and then learn how to integrate these habits into your work and life to become a truly high-performing person.
*Warning, this session may be habit-forming.
Exposing the Myth of Life Balance
75% of Canadians don’t believe that work-life balance is possible. We’re working more than ever, spending less time with our friends and family, and inevitably watching our health and happiness drift away. So maybe life balance isn’t possible? In this thought‑provoking session Michelle pushes back against the common definitions of life balance and challenges you to consider a new view. Life balance may not always be possible, but a happier, healthier, better balanced life certainly is. This session will arm you with ideas and insights to
make that possible.
Having It All in a World of ‘Not Enough’
In our busy lives we often feel guided by the belief that there’s ‘not enough’; not enough time, not enough energy, not enough clients, not enough money. So for many, the idea that you can have it all is often met with resistance. But what if you could? Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach who believes you can Have It All once you know what that is for you, and provided you’re prepared to do the right work, on the right things at the right time. In this eye-opening keynote you will:

  • Learn the5 P’s of Having It All and why each is important in your quest for
  • Define what having it all means to you, and identify your right things.
  • Rethink the rules that shape how you live and work, and then;
    Discover how to renegotiate and realign your thoughts, behaviours and
    actions to create the outcomes you desire

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